15 Reasons why I run.

Today is National Running Day! I’ve been looking forward to this day since I marked “going” to a running event on my Facebook calendar. I decided to come up with my top 15 reasons why I run.

1. It keeps me healthy and strong. I use to hate having skinny chicken legs but after I began running I learned to embrace my legs which have turned into strong legs.  2. I can eat loads of pizza and ice cream and not feel as guilty.

 3. It relieves my stress and keeps me sane. It helps me gather my thoughts and leave my cares and worries behind.

 4. I love my running friends. They make me laugh and are the only people who don’t mind talking about running for hours. 

 5. Earning super cool medals is always a good idea. Not to mention the variety of work out tops. 6. It makes me really happy. My husband will ask me two things when I’m grumpy: have you had coffee? have you gone on a run?

 7. When everything else is going wrong running makes it right.

 8. It’s free. Doesn’t cost me a penny to lace up my shoes and go outside for a run.

 9. Running reminds me to count my blessings.

10.  It’s taught me to love myself and build my confidence.  11. It gives me an excuse to buy really cute work out clothes.

12. It helps me stay focused on a personal goal.

13. It makes getting older that much easier.

14. I run to be the best version of myself.

15. Because I can! I am blessed with legs that take me to my happy place.

#ByeGirl #RunningforCarbs

4 thoughts on “15 Reasons why I run.

  1. Auntie Pretty Pretty

    I enjoy reading all your articles! You are an awsome and excellent writer!! I am very proud of you! I love all your reasons why you love to run! Your reasons are the same reasons why I dance and teach Zumba!! LOL!!


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