About Me

Q: Why did you start running?

A: I was tricked really. My cousins got really into running at one point and signed up for races almost every month. This was also, coincidentally, around the time when I had gone through a terrible break-up and felt a bit down. One day I knew they were going on a run and at the last minute I decided to join them. They told me we would only go for about three miles to see how I felt. We ended up running eight and I’ve been hooked ever since!

Q: Did you ever feel like you couldn’t do it?

A: All the time. Even after years of running I sometimes think I cannot do this but than I repeat to myself “Yes, yes you can.” When I first started running I wore all the wrong gear. Most of the time I was in gym shoes running, what I thought was 2 miles but ended up really being about half a mile. I would end up back at home, on the floor, feeling nauseated and fatigued. After talking to my cousins about my post-run sickness, I come to find out: I was breathing wrong. Who knew? There’s a way to BREATHE? lol. So I did what any other person this day and age would do when they have a medical concern: I “Googled” it! I researched ways to breathe more strategically and slowly built up my tolerance to running from half a mile to a full mile.

Q: How many races have you completed?

A: I really should count my bibs to accurately answer this. I’ve been running since 2011 and have completed seven half marathons, one 20 mile race, several 5Ks/10Ks and two marathons. My longest half time was 2:45, the very first race I ever completed. Even though this race took me the longest, I have the fondest memories of it! I walked so many times, and at one point I made a friend along the way who helped push me to finish. She and I crossed the finish line together and I could never thank her enough for her encouragement. That is when my love for running got stronger.

Q: What’s the best advice you give to someone who is just starting to run?

A: Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. When I first started running I found this very difficult. It was even harder not understanding why I wasn’t at a fitness level comparable to my cousins. It took time and training. Nothing happens overnight and running is no different.

Q: Why running for carbs?

A: I am not an olympic runner. I love everything about running and I love carbs. I cannot choose between the two. I will never understand people who don’t eat carbs. I respect it, but I would never survive. If it were socially acceptable to eat pizza every day I would. I run because I can and because I can I also eat A LOT of carbs. Good and bad carbs and in my opinion-they’re all okay. Often women place a lot of pressure on beauty and diets. I hate it. Moderation is key. Living an active, healthy lifestyle is important to me as well as enjoying food and giving into cravings every so often.

Q: What is your favorite carb?

A:Without hesitation PIZZA. I love pizza, pastas, bread and butter, and of course all desserts. Who doesn’t?! I literally eat pizza once a week.

Q: What’s your favorite running accessories?

A: I cannot run without my armband and my Amphipod handheld water bottle. Also, my Spotify playlist titled “Run Girl” is an absolute must. I usually go to TJ Maxx or Marshall’s to get affordable headphones. I usually go through them every few months and love how cheap they are.


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