Hello? It’s me, running.

“Hello, it’s me, I was wondering
If after all these years you’d like to meet to go over everything
They say that time’s supposed to heal, yeah
But I ain’t done much healing”.

If you want to cry for no reason listen to Adele’s new cd “25”. It will make you compare anything in your life to the lyrics, even running. It’s guaranteed to make you cry or even sob. For instance the lyric, “They say time is suppose to heal”, and my response is “but I’ve taken two weeks off from running and I’m still in discomfort.” *Tears fall* Okay so  maybe not as dramatic but dealing with an injury weeks before a race can be very stressful.  

 I decided at this point I have two options: do nothing and have a pitty party, party of one, or do something about it and get better. After sulking and feeling really helpless about my calf/leg pain I finally made a doctor’s appointment especially since it wasn’t getting any better with rest.

I had x-rays taken on my right foot and calf. I have been so stressed out the past two weeks because I began to feel really anxious. Especially because I was out of town traveling for work for a week. When I don’t run I don’t feel like myself. I feel like a part of me is missing something. Not being able to run because of an injury requires  a lot of patience and time. Time to heal. When you are this close to a race you don’t have a lot of time. I found out that I do not have a stress fracture or calf tear. A huge sense of relief but I did have very tight muscles everywhere. Of course I blamed my twenty mile run but the reality of it was I haven’t been taking care of my body properly for months and it finally caught up to me. I needed to figure out my plan for the next two weeks.There are so many things to think about. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will not be able to qualify for Boston this marathon and that’s okay.


  • Here are some things I really have to consider: Is it about a PR?

Most runners are so focused on PRing every race. My last marathon time was 4:55 and I knew after the Clarksburg 20 miler I could easily beat my old time but with my current leg/calf/foot situation I may not get the PR I worked so hard for.  Not every race has to be better in terms of time than the last. I strongly believe that there is something to learn from every race. Whether it’s learning about your body or just enjoying the time you had with your friends.

  • How would I feel if I had to stop and walk?

Last year I walked at different parts of the race. This year my goal was to not stop and walk and run the entire time and under a 9 min pace. Is it still worth racing even if it’s at a much slower pace? Of course it is! Races don’t always have to be about going super fast. For me, it’s about being the best version of myself and in order to be the best version of myself I have to take  care of myself. My experience at CIM will be no less if I have to stop and walk through parts of it. it may even enhance it.

  • There are always more marathons and CIM will be there next year.

This is the most popular thing I have heard people tell me. I think that the people that love and care about us the most want the best for us. Since I’ve visibly been limping and complained about the pain I’ve been in for the past two weeks of course they are going to suggest that I don’t run CIM.  Although this is very true there is a certain passion within a runner that only runners understand. After finishing last year’s marathon even though it may have been slow I felt I could do the impossible. I was once told I could never run a marathon because I wouldn’t commit to training for it. Not only did I prove them wrong but I also proved to myself that I could do anything if I worked hard and never gave up. So yeah of course there are more marathons but finishing CIM a race I said I will never run again will feel like I can do anything and that’s a very special feeling. After a lot of consideration I plan to listen to my body the next few days and still run the race. I created a revised version of our training plan for the next two weeks. I reviewed it with my running coach and feel it will help me get back to the aerobic fitness that will allow me to complete the marathon. Until then I will enjoy the ride and try and make the best of the situation. Even though my Boston goals may not happen this race I will continue to work towards achieving them and one day say I am a Boston marathoner. I can happily say the best thing I have gained from training isn’t my speed but it’s the friends I have created along the way. I may have started a training group because I wanted to become a faster stronger runner but what I  learned was so much more. The friends I have made are not only some of the supportive people I have ever met but they genuinely care about each others well being. There energy is contagious and they don’t mind talking about all the crazy things us runners talk about. So if I don’t PR at CIM I can at least say I have made friends that will be my friends for life and I believe that beats a PR any day.

#ByeGirl #RunningForCarbs


One thought on “Hello? It’s me, running.

  1. You’re right, most people focus far too much on PRing and forget why they started doing races in the first place- for enjoyment. I made that mistake last year when I ran the Dublin marathon and ended up feeling disappointed at the end of the day, which is so ridiculously stupid when you think about it. So this year, I decided to just soak it all up and enjoy it, which I really did. Ironically, I ended up running a PR 🙂 Enjoy your race


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