Crap, it’s my birthday.

Wait, did I miss something?! How is it already July?

Every year around summer time I am reminded that I am getting older. I feel smarter, more fit, and confident at my age now than I did in my early twenties. That’s the beauty of getting older. However, I didn’t always feel this way. Getting older used to terrify me. I think it’s because birthdays reminded me to stop and reflect about where I was in life. For me, I was never where I wanted to be or where I had imagined myself years before. We tend to set such high expectations of where we should be and then to make matters worse, we compare ourselves to others.

Four years ago I decided that instead of picking on myself and feeling sad about all of the things I hadn’t accomplished in life, I would set a new goal every year. A running goal of course. My goal was to run a distance I was not used to running and therefore I would feel a sense of accomplishment when I was done. So, in 2013, the week of my birthday, I ran 10 miles. At that point, my tradition started: to increase my mileage on my birthday by one mile each subsequent year. This year I added two more extra miles just because why not?

Even though I have run longer distances, I still look forward to my birthday run. Running has not only taught me how to be a happier and healthier person but creating a goal I can achieve every year makes me appreciate where I’m at in life-and appreciate growing older. Setting an attainable goal I can be proud of without any limitations allows me to celebrate “ME” and count my blessings.





 Do you have any running birthday traditions? If not I challenge you to make one starting this year!

#RunningforCarbs #ByeGirl

3 thoughts on “Crap, it’s my birthday.

  1. Haley

    Starting last year I have decided to run a race on my birthday. I ran SF Marathon for my 30th last year (and it was acrtaully on my birthday which was AWESOME!) and this year I am doing Blood, Sweat & Beers.
    Happy birthday!!


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